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New Features

After extensive testing we have finally added in our new OPEN LINKS function. 

For example, when you hire an external driver to deliver or pick up pallets on your behalf your office can quickly send a web-based link ( no login required ) to the driver or transport company.

There is also an option to assign an agreed cost for the transport if required. 

The driver that receives the link by email can open the order on his phone and accept customer signatures, upload pictures of the paper copy and finalize the transaction as soon as the customer has signed. 

How great will it be when we can also use the GPS location from the driver’s phone and add the exact location the order was signed for into the customer invoice – coming soon! 

Have a look at the example order below completed on a cell phone.

How Long Does Pallet Connect Implementation take ?​

How long does Pallet Connect integration really take ? 

Determining how long the integration will take is no easy task, but with a good team in place and setting a reasonable time frame the process should happen relatively quickly. The speed and success of any integration will adjust depending on the following factors. 

Employee acceptance of a new ERP operating system

By informing and including all key stakeholders from the start should ensure a smoother and quicker integration. 

Set in place a realistic time frame for implementation

its essential to ensure management has a structured approach and achievable target dates.For example, we recommend that the first step in the integration process might be tracking all your supply. Once this section has been fully installed the customer and sales integration will happen very quickly.It’s beneficial to work with a structured step by step approach and not overwhelm your employees at the beginning. 

Have a strategy for using duplicate systems

During the implementation stage Pallet Connect will need to operate alongside your existing system, only when management and your team are ready and confident can you then reduce the reliance on your previous structure. 

Set a realistic time frame and provide employee training

By trying to rush the process you and your team might make mistakes resulting in longer than expected implementation, very simply don’t rush! Successful integration is directly related to the time put in at the beginning. Your team may not see instant results, but once the integration is complete, the benefits will keep paying off for the long term. 

The process can take from one to four months depending on the size of your business and the motivation from every employee to help with the change. 

Our team will do everything we can to assist and help your staff on how to set up and use the power of Pallet Connect, for example, online video library, conference calling and site visits when possible. 

Please have a look at our growing support page below. Pallet Connect like any effective ERP system is not there to run your business only to exist in the background.

Your staff can then use the information available to make the best possible day to day decision




$0.00 / mo

3 User

Up to 3 Internal Users

$79.95 / mo​

20 User​

Up to 20 Internal Users​

$239.95 / mo​


Quick Video Showing the Exporting of Data to QuickBooks – it took us 90 seconds!

Customer Analysis​

A nice way to view an analysis of your customer or supplier.