Pallet Connect works on many Devices

As with any new product or application there is always intertest with what exactly the benefits are and how any system can offer improvements to your Pallet business.

Pallet Connect is simply a cloud-based ERP application using enterprise class systems to provide the most secure and quickest multiple device user experience.

The system lets your team track every pallet from when it arrives into your building, the repair, stock management and finally sending the pallet back to your customers. For new pallets it will track the lumber, cost out the pallet and offer your team the average board footage summaries and lumber stock levels.

Every user from customers, suppliers, warehouse and office staff can view and access information most relevant to them 24 hours a day. A priority for Pallet Connect was the ability to work across all devices with cell phones compatibility vital to ensure accessibility and ease of use for all users. With the launch of Pallet Connect on the Google play store and Apple App store we are working on ensuring accessibility is as easy as possible for all of our client’s users. For example your customers can use the Pallet Connect APP on their cell phone or simply login with their laptop to place a new order.

The power of live data and accessibility is endless with management able to access up to the minute information specific to their business and production.

Another key benefit that is often overlooked when first starting is access to intuitive data. Existing client’s feedback is how the data and built in algorithms has been able to keep their business ahead of the curve. After 30 days of data entry Pallet Connect will start highlighting trends that are vital to the success of your operations, for example out of the normal range customer and supplier variations.

There is other nice functions like the Broker management function, Drivers login and scheduling, employee production, Ability to send open link email orders and POD that will work on any cell phone (no login required), personal themes and colours.

Future Developments
We have so much to do in 2020!! Our team is busy testing and developing several new features and partnerships that will increase the user experience and offer even more functionality.
If you are ready to move forward and investigate the benefits of Pallet Connect send us an email at