Geo-Sig Touchless Pallet delivery

COVID-19 has changed how we work and interact with each other.

Working from home or remote locations is quickly becoming the norm. As social distancing keeps people physically apart, technology is brings people together, but pallets keep things moving.

Social distancing is the first line of defense against COVID-19, which puts our delivery drivers at risk, specifically while obtaining a confirmation signature process.

In order to address this, Pallet Connect has added ‘Geo Sig’, a touchless confirmation process, exclusively from Pallet Connect. Using the drivers’ GPS position and delivery site photo, now drivers can confirm delivery or pickup and finalize paperwork for back office, before leaving the site. This is convenient, instant a much safer way for drivers to confirm deliveries, protecting themselves, and your entire organization from possible contamination.


Pallet Connect is the easiest way to give your business the features of enterprise level technology (and some they dont have yet), for literally a fraction of the cost. Pallect Connect can help during these turbulent times by connecting your team, from anywhere without skipping a beat.

We know Pallet Connect is right for your pallet business, because we made it for our pallet business.
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