Saying ‘COVID-19 has changed everything’ might be the understatement of the year.

The most significant impact has been on how we do business. Skyscrapers and office buildings across the globe sit empty, and even the biggest corporations are run out of employee home offices, living rooms, and couches.

So how is this possible? Video conferences help, and a CRM database can keep track of sales activities, but layer in other areas of business – financials, logistics, inventory levels, and so on – and things kind of fall apart. eMail trails become much longer, response times get slower, and the ability to make fast decisions becomes difficult.

Real-time collaboration tools allow for multiple workers or departments to access data, reports, complete tasks digitally, and simultaneously share, edit, and create together. Collaboration tools increase both the productivity and turnaround time for deliverables and initiatives. When you think about how our work, life, and social interactions will be after COVID-19, do ‘we’ go back to normal? Or is it too late to put these new behaviors back in the box? Are these remote, cloud-based tools inevitable? What is the cost of NOT doing this? Now is the time to think long-term, to have a more agile and durable pallet business.

Pallet Connect is built to address every aspect of the pallet business. We priced Pallet Connect for the growing company, with a monthly rate comparable to what the average person spends on lunch in a month. We include all the bells and whistles right from the start – Geo-Sig touchless signatures, multi-lingual ,support, secure & dedicated servers, endless integrations with everything from QuickBooks to Amazon Fire TV and white glove technical support. What others consider ‘extras features,’ we include as standard.

Pallet Connect links up all your employees, so the warehouse, office, and drivers all see the same information and are fully connected no matter where they are – even in languages such as Spanish and French. And with Pallet Connect on your home screen, you can quickly see trends as they happen. For example: easy to read customer and supplier variations, overall average daily number, and buying/selling prices. Easily automate reports such as an end of day email that outlines sales, inventory, or shift activity. You will always know what is happening with Pallet Connect and stay ahead of your competition.

Get insight into your company faster, easier, and from anywhere. And through this insight, you’ll gain a better understanding of what your business can and can’t handle. You’ll also have the tools to better prepare your business for whatever happens next.

Affordable, white-glove technical support to help migration, bank-level data encryption, one month free trial period, no contract/term, and most importantly – built for the pallet business.

If it seems too good to be true, contact us and find out!