New Custom Products & Categories & Sage Importing

Do you sell woodchips, mulch, shrink wrap, or any other shipping supply or products? Having a diverse range of offerings is no problem with our new update.
Now, you can easily create different products and categories to cover all the items you sell. We never like to limit our customers – you asked for this feature and we’re happy to listen and deliver. Check it out in action here!

For all you Sage users out there, sorry it took so long with this import, but finally, you can quickly import from Sage 50 into Pallet Connect.

Check out demo videos of the Custom Products and Sage features below! And be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to check out all our new feature demos as they come out!

We want to once again offer a massive thank you to all our amazing customers and Pallet Connect ambassadors. You guys, keep coming back with the best ideas and feedback, making Pallet Connect better for everyone. We want your feedback ( good or bad ) and suggestions on how to improve the Pallet Connect experience! eMail us at