Pumpkin on a pallet
Wouldn’t it be nice if running a pallet business was as predictable as the changing seasons?
With summer now in the rearview mirror and fall leaves to rake, some of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic to the business landscape have become clear.
One of the most notable is at retail. Retail stores have been one of the most significant casualties during the lockdown, and many have not or will not survive the next 12 months.
The shift to ecommerce has been accelerated by the pandemic. Larger distribution centers have had to reorganize their locations to deal with thousands of smaller direct to consumer orders and invest in automation to decrease costs while improving the speed and accuracy of deliveries.
Likewise, smaller businesses had to quickly find new ways to sell their products and start shipping directly to customers. Adopting scalable and cost effective technology has been essential to rapidly adapting and shifting their model to survive this changing environment.
“Pallet Connect has helped improve our efficiency from receiving a Customer Order all the way through delivery of the product.
Since lumber orders are automatically generated, it is simply a matter of double checking our inventory.
It has also saved a few hours a week inputting production totals and totalling up piece-work.
Sending out production totals and piece-work used to take 30 minutes to and hour a day, but now it can be done in less than 15 minutes.
Pallet Connect is so simple and easy to use. All of our office staff has been able to pick up on how to use it very quickly; all of the pathways make sense and everything is where it seems like it should be.
It really couldn’t be any easier to use.
The customer service goes above and beyond to fix any issues or any questions that we have.
The team is always responsive and provides updates along the way for any change that they are making for you, it’s definitely the best service I’ve experienced. “MARCOS DIAZ – Machine Optimization Engineer, Cole Pallets
How is your pallet business adapting to the unparalleled unpredictability and disruption associated with the accelerating shift to ecommerce? Like their customers, pallet companies must be agile to continue prospering in this time of disruption.
Now more than ever before, they are best-served to keep pace with change by investing in technology to help them grow and stay profitable over the years ahead.
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It may be the best time and the wisest investment your pallet company can make to grow and stay relevant to your stakeholders, including customers, vendors, and employees.
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