Easily schedule pallet deliveries and drivers

Managing expectations for final delivery is one of the most underestimated aspects of customer satisfaction in the pallet industry. 


The delivery is the last touchpoint in the transaction with your customer, yet, a bad experience could be the first thing they think of when they need to order again. 


Don’t drop the ball at the 1-yard line, and make sure your driver planning is as efficient and transparent as possible.


Changes happened – a lot! 


Manage and modify driver schedules is as easy as managing meetings in any other scheduling tool, like Outlook, Google, or Mac Calendar.


It can be more manageable


You can literally drag and drop open orders into a time slot in the calendar that will instantly appear in your driver’s schedule and your customer’s delivery list. Need to make a change or adjustment? Just drag and drop the delivery time blocks in the delivery calendar, and it will be updated everywhere, viewable by the driver and customer, immediately.


Pallet Connect will also auto assign the accurate time required to deliver the pallets to your customer.

You shipping or dispatch team can also easily track and view history reports for any of your trailers. So if you have lost a trailer just search it up in Pallet Connect for a quick answer and history.


Colour coded worklists mean that open orders and deliveries are quickly identified, reducing the chance for error, driver routes and workload can be easily managed. The warehouse knows what to prepare, and your customer is in the loop the entire way.


Pallet Connect lets you take customer service one step further! Once the shipment leaves the warehouse, your team can use dispatch notifications from the order screen to notify the customer that a load is headed their way in 2 easy clicks! 


So make customer satisfaction the top priority this year, and contact us today to see how else Pallet Connect can up your service game.