Add better customer service to your pallet business

Add better customer service to your pallet business


Since we ‘officially’ released the customer portal in Pallet Connect almost a year ago, our customers have been telling us how much their customer service has improved.


Ultimately, this reduces the number of emails and phone calls related to customer questions by providing them with secure online access to all their account details and paperwork – from the initial quote all the way through to final delivery confirmation (and everything in between).


So, what are the main elements of the portal? Here is what your customers and office team can expect when using your customer portal on Pallet Connect:


  • Self-service access: Your customers can access their account information securely, anytime, or any place. Give them the ability to order online, view past and open orders (including invoices and digital POD slips), and much more information at their fingertips from any device with the Pallet Connect App.


  • Order online: Give your customers access to order new, recycled, or custom pallets, and reduce turnaround time. With accurate, up-to-date inventory numbers in your warehouse, you’re shipping, and production team will always be ready.


  • Real-time lumber rates: Protect yourself, and your customers from unexpected lumber price increases. With real-time and most recent lumber prices, you can be confident you are not shipping new or combo pallets below cost price.   


  • Live custom build status: Customers now can track the exact status of their order, from the ETA to the quality check to shipping notification when the pallets leave your warehouse, en route to the customer.


  • Delivery updates: Tired of receiving calls asking for delivery updates, sometimes multiple times in a day? Your customers can log in to see when deliveries are scheduled, changed, or canceled in real-time. 


  • Touchless POD: Protect your drivers and customers with Geo-Sig, a touchless proof of a delivery system that uploads driver location and a location photo right into Pallet Connect, accessible by you, your customer, and driver.      


  • Change customers to suppliers: Instantly set your customers up as suppliers without waiting for back-office or admin, and allow them to request pickups, review rebates for used pallets, and more.


Book a demo today to see how the Pallet Connect customer portal can benefit your customers, and see some of the many features in action here.

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