About heat treated pallets

The Benefits of Heat-Treated Pallets

What are heat-treated pallets? This is the question you’re probably asking if you’ve never heard of them before. You’re not alone on this, as plain old wood pallets are more common. Now, why do pallets need to be heated? Pallets are treated by heating to ensure that all inherent insects and larva are killed off, […]
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Pallet Connect is on Fire… Fire TV that is!

Pallet Connect turns any screen or display into a real-time production dashboard with an Amazon Fire TV Stick! We’re proud to announce that Pallet Connect is now on Amazon’s Fire TV! What does this mean? Instantly, overhead screens in your warehouse can display pallet orders and requests in real-time! Or view transactions, sales and account information […]
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Pallet Connect works on many Devices

An intro to Pallet Connect

As with any new product or application there is always intertest with what exactly the benefits are and how any system can offer improvements to your Pallet business. Pallet Connect is simply a cloud-based ERP application using enterprise class systems to provide the most secure and quickest multiple device user experience. The system lets your […]
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New Features and Spring Update

New Features After extensive testing we have finally added in our new OPEN LINKS function.  For example, when you hire an external driver to deliver or pick up pallets on your behalf your office can quickly send a web-based link ( no login required ) to the driver or transport company. There is also an option to […]
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Paper copies are everywhere and can be a very time-consuming process. We all know lost, misplaced or incorrect delivery slips can be a big frustration and very costly mistake if signed paper copies go missing. By making use of Pallet Connect this one problem can easily be eliminated. If you consider how fast technology is […]
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