Bring your pallet company’s operation to another level of optimization and efficiency

Barcodes, when applied correctly, have proven to be an incredible tool to manage costs and reduce errors.

Key Benefits

Increase efficiency

Transmit and record data faster and more accurately. Track work in process and the movement of material more quickly and precisely.

Save time

Time invested in inventory tracking, and productivity is reduced when barcodes are correctly implemented.

Reduce errors

Manual data entry errors can lead to costly errors. Barcode printing and tracking technology are almost 100 accurate most of the time, making data capturing simpler and more precise.

Some of the Key Features for Sales

Easy to use

Print and scan barcodes using your phone, making it easier to implement in the warehouse. You can also use dedicated hardware for this task. Ask us which.

From cuts to builds

Print barcodes to track all the production work in the warehouse, from cuts to builds. You decided how many and for which process.