Different levels of access according to the role

Separate login profiles for managers, warehouse staff, drivers and customers. Plus, have a designated portal for your customers, vendors and affiliates.

Key Benefits

Superior service

Build stronger, more profitable relationships by offering the flexibility your partners demand. Let them place orders from anywhere at any time, without overloading your staff.

Streamline communication

Bringing together all the areas of your pallet business under a single software will improve communication and efficiency. Granting access to relevant information in real-time for each role will improve your pallet business instantly.

Reduce errors

Minimize errors in production, billing, delivery and much more. Complete information is key to offering quality and error-free services.

Some of the Key Features for Sales

Different access levels

Users according to each employee’s position. Choose what each of them sees and not with the accounts according to the tasks required by their position. (I.E. drivers don’t need to know how much the delivery costs, so they won’t)

Superior service

Offer flexibility and superb service. Grant extra control to your customers, vendors and affiliate with a portal specific to their needs. They’ll be able to access past invoices and documents, as well as place new requests to your pallet company, from anywhere, at any time, using any device.

You are in control

 It’s up to you who you add and the level of access you want to grant them. Rest assured that only those entered as general admins can change the level of access.