Prod uctivi ty

Monitor production seamlessly

Ensure employee productivity is as desired and never fail to meet your customers’ needs. If something isn’t working, you’ll know the facts in a matter of seconds and will be able to take action to correct it.

Key Benefits

Increase efficiency

Monitor employee productivity and assign work accordingly.

Reduce errors

By adding structure and reducing the number of steps not relevant to production, the number of errors are dramatically reduced.

Monitor anytime, anywhere

Monitor employee productivity in real time to mange and track production.

Some of the Key Features for Sales

Structure is key

Keep your pallet business organized. Plan ahead of time production and the shift schedule. Know exactly who is working when and how efficient are they. Plan the production accordingly, with real data.

Every step is considered

From repair to notching and heat treatment. Captue production in real time to keep your inventory and prices updated.

Planning is crucial

Let Pallet Connect help you plan the production. Automatically plans the most efficient production plan to fulfill all orders on time.