Repo rts

Monitor your pallet company performance with real-time data

Make informed and better decisions, track progress and growth. Know exactly where your company is standing.

Key Benefits

Make informed decisions

Stop the guess work and begin making decisiones based on data, analytics and trends. Making decisions we’ll be easier

Make decisions faster

With real-time data, you can make important decisions in a matter of minutes.

Identify key trends and patterns

Use the reports to spot key customers, vendors, suppliers and products. Use the information to make decisions and continue growing you pallet business.

Some of the Key Features for Sales

Summary at a glance

A summary of your pallet company’s performance.Get the full picture of your company’s performance, from top customers and top vendors to your earnings margin. All in a glance.

Choose what you see

Personalized reports to know the productivity and labor costs. You can select to view information by employee, season, and date.

Information is key

Know the contribution of each client to your pallet company. Determine which are more profitable and make decisions based on the data.