Understand your customers and streamline your sales process

Offer an exceptional sales experience by simplifying and expediting processes by gathering all the relevant details about your customer needs under a single piece of software.

Key Benefits

Identify top customers

Efficient your client portfolio. Identify those that represent higher profit margins and those that can result in potential losses. Make informed decisions.

Enhance the sales process

Reduce turnaround time and expedite the sales process. Grant your customers the superb service they deserve, and you've always dreamed of offering.

Reduce paperwork

Reduce the amount of paper and avoid mishandling. Streamline communication by automating the sending of essential documents like POs, BOLs, and invoices.

Some of the Key Features for Sales

Relevant details in one place

Let the customer profile remember all the relevant details for you. Plus, stop adding several items to your stock with different names that are the same at the core. With the customer profile, personalized pricing and special requests are a breeze.

Don’t let sales stop

Grant your customers the flexibility they want without overloading your staff. With the customer portal, your customers can place orders from anywhere at any time.

From quotes to orders and invoices easily

Make it easier to quote customers. The process to convert quotes to orders and invoices is child’s play.

Automate the automatable

Handle recurring orders with ease and let Pallet Connect handle the complexity attached. Keep fulfilling orders in a timely manner and continue building a trusty and lasting relationship with your customers.

It only take a glance

Make sure orders are being fulfilled on time. Know precisely how the orders are being fulfilled. Take action if there’s something to be fixed. It only takes a glance to identify issues. You’ll always be in the loop.