Stock Mana geme nt

Fully integrated stock management

Track and control everything in your inventory, from new and recycled pallets, to lumber and nails need to build and repair.

Key Benefits

Increase cost-saving

Eliminate the inventory costs associated with human errors like overselling, overstock or stock-outs. Shorten your supplier lead time by accurate stock level monitoring

Identify build requirements

Know exactly what you need to build and supply the orders. Take actions in time to avoid delays or cancellations due to the lack of material.

Gather insights

Identify sales and pricing trends and key or poor-performing pallets. Make decisions based on real data.

Some of the Key Features for Sales

Reflection of you inventory

Works for recycled and new pallets. Deactivate or activate any relevant item to your pallet company.


Fully customizable stock item profile. Add as many or as few details as you want. Pallet Connect can help you keep everything organized. Plus, it helps to calculate the true costs.

Real-time data

With the real-time data, know exactly if a product has been performing as desired. It will help you make decisions based on its performance.

Personalized stock categories

Generate your own new stock categories for items like wood chips, cardboard or shrink wrap.