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Step 1: Navigate To Manage Suppliers

On the navigation menu, go to “Suppliers” -> Manage Suppliers.

Step 2: Select Your Desired Action

A) To create anew supplier, click the “Add New Supplier” button
B) To Edit an existing supplier, search for the supplier and then click on the supplier you wish to edit

Step 3: Enter Supplier Information

Capture the information as neeeded

Step 4: Link Pallet Types To Supplier

Link pallet types to this supplier
1) Optionally search for pallets by name
2) select the pallet type
3) select the price tier
4) repeat for all pallet types for this supplier
5) Complete

** The warehouse supply capture screen will use these linked items in combination with this supplier’s trend to display the most likely pallets for speedy entry.

** Warehouse users will still be able to search for all pallets when capturing supplies.

Step 5: Save

Click save