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Step 1: Navigate To Manage Pallets

On the navigation menu, go to Manage Pallets -> Manage Pallets

Step 2: Editing / Adding a New Pallets

To create a new pallet, click on Add New Item.
To edit an existing pallet, click on the pallet you wish to edit.

Step 3: Adding A New Pallet

Go ahead and fill up the right requirements for the new pallet.

If it is a custom size pallet check the Is Custom Size box.

If there are guide line or measurement for the custom pallet you can upload files for more specifications.

In side of the red box shows you the price list that you have to create for the new pallet.and you can set the price according to the price list that you wish.

click Create Item to finish

Step 4: Editing An Existing Pallet

By clicking the existing pallets, on the manage pallet page, you can edit any of the pallet you have listed

click Update Item to finish.