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Step 1: Navigate To Users

Step 2: Adding / Editing User

You can add and edit users from this page.
By editing, Simply just search and click on the existing user you want to edit.
or just click on “Add New User” to create a new user

Step 3: Adding User

After clicking new user button, you will have a pop-up form.
A temporary password will be send the user, then they will be able to create their own unique password.
You can all so link the new user to a supplier and or a customer.
Go ahead and fill up the right requirement and click “Create User”.

Step 4: Editing User

By clicking on the exisiting user, you get a pop-up form to edit the user.
In case of password losage, you can also send the user password reset link.
After finishing up the required action, click on the “Update User” to finish your actions.