Michael Viola

Chief Operating Officer, APM Shipping
Pallet Connect has completely revolutionized our business.

The ability to have all of our relevant numbers and costs in front of us in one place is immeasurable.

If you’re a pallet company out there and are still using a combination of papers, spreadsheets and QuickBooks to run your business you’re doing it all wrong and should give the team at Pallet Connect a call today!”

Monika Promny

President, BAM Pallet
Pallet Connect has quickly helped our business move into the world of ERP management, and cloud computing, something we didn't think was possible.

We are now instantly aware of our client's ebbs and flows as they happen, not months or years after exhaustive analysis, but immediately on a day to day basis.

My excitement and gratitude to the Pallet Connect team are beyond my ability to put into words eloquently. We are thrilled with the APP, but we are excited about where it will take us next and stay ahead of the competition. 

If you are in the pallet business and not using Pallet Connect, don’t get left behind, you will not be disappointed!

Kevin Stagg

Sales & Purchasing Director, Sligo Pallets
Pallet connect has been a game-changer for our business.
Stock control, orders, logistics, invoicing all under the one application specifically designed for the pallet industry.

Palle Connect has brought our business to the next level adding value all round.

Jennifer Mawer

Account Manager, JK Pallets
At JK Pallets Ltd UK we have loved the pallet connect APP, its made life a lot easier with changing the structure of the company.
Once we got going on it, we found it quite simple and self-explanatory.

Its such a clearer environment to work in as this has made the office almost paper free.

Any teething problems at the start with our exporting Craig and Phil where more than happy to help and accommodate.

Very happy customer 😊 thank you!

Marcos Diaz

Cole Pallets
Pallet Connect has helped improve our efficiency from receiving a Customer Order all the way through delivery of the product.
It has also saved a few hours a week inputting production totals and totalling up piece-work.

Sending out production totals and piece-work used to take 30 minutes to and hour a day, but now it can be done in less than 15 minutes. Pallet Connect is so simple and easy to use. All of our office staff has been able to pick up on how to use it very quickly; all of the pathways make sense and everything is where it seems like it should be.

It really couldn’t be any easier to use.

Nik Bojovic

Director of Operations, City Pallets
We now have been using Pallet Connect Software for almost 2 years. Eliminating paper work and data entries has enabled us to focus our time on analysis.
We have been able import all the customer sales, suppliers bill in to our accounting software with excellent efficiency and without error.

Being able to communicated with this SW with our Customers, Vendors and Suppliers has been amazing.

The number of the transactions we handle on a daily basis would have been impossible without this software.

Kayla Linthorne

Sales and Marketing Manager, A&P Manufacturing
Pallet Connect has helped speed up all of our daily processes, from order taking to inventory control.

It’s a great way to see a snapshot of your complete business and helps identify areas where we have room for improvement.

The software is very well rounded and user friendly, but most importantly the customer support is outstanding !