Employee Management

Solutions offered by PALLET CONNECT

Staff management for pallet businesses presents unique challenges, given the variable demands, the different payment structures and the need for precision in tracking production.

Pallet Connect
Efficient Scheduling

By understanding the ebbs and flows of a pallet business, Pallet Connect's scheduling feature ensures optimal staff allocation. This not only maximizes productivity but also reduces unnecessary overheads from overstaffing.

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Adaptable Compensation Models

Pallet businesses often have varied compensation structures, ranging from hourly rates for certain roles to piece rates for production tasks. Pallet Connect is versatile enough to handle these variations, making payroll calculations straightforward and error-free.

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Cost-to-Output Analysis

With the integrated time clock and payroll assistant, businesses can directly associate labor costs with pallet outputs. This data aids in understanding the true cost of each pallet produced, factoring in labor, and allows for more informed pricing and profitability margins.

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Productivity Monitoring

Gauge the efficiency and output of each staff member with reliable tracking tools. This ensures that pallet businesses can identify top performers, areas for training, and potential bottlenecks in the production line.

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Real-time Updates & Notifications

Stay informed about staff check-ins, overtime alerts, and productivity milestones with real-time notifications. This ensures that managers and supervisors can make on-the-fly adjustments to optimize production.

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