Solutions offered by Pallet Connect



The evolving pallet business environment demands agility, efficiency, and precision in sales operations. With Pallet Connect, companies are equipped with the tools they need to elevate their sales strategies.



Purchasing and procurement are critical components of any business's operational success. Pallet Connect brings a comprehensive suite of features to the table that significantly enhances and simplifies these processes…



The brokerage feature in Pallet Connect stands out not just for its efficiency in streamlining transactions for pallet businesses working with brokers, but it is also adeptly designed to cater directly for pallet brokers.

Overhead displays

With Pallet Connect, it's not just about knowing what's happening, but also about seeing it in real-time. The overhead displays provide a visual overview of ongoing operations, ensuring that every member of your team is constantly updated. Whether it's production progress, an order status or the delivery routes, these displays transform passive information into active insights, fostering an atmosphere of informed action.



Pallet Connect is designed to improve the workflow of the production department for pallet businesses. With an array of comprehensive features, it aims to simplify, optimize, and improve productivity.


Employee Management

Staff management for pallet businesses presents unique challenges, given the variable demands, the different payment structures and the need for precision in tracking production.



Navigating the complexities of logistics can be challenging for the unique needs of pallet businesses. With Pallet Connect, logistics planning and organization are managed effortlessly.


Inventory Management

Navigating inventory management in today's fast-paced business environment requires a robust system that offers both flexibility and precision.

Meticulous email tracking

Communication is the linchpin of any operation, and Pallet Connect understands the significance of never missing a beat. The platform's email tracking capabilities guarantee that no invoice, purchase order, proof of delivery or any relevant notification is lost or overlooked.


Barcode Tracking

In today's fast-paced industrial landscape, precision and efficiency are paramount. Pallet Connect's barcode tracking is a transformative solution, redefining the standards of inventory management.



In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, having access to data is not enough. It's the actionable insights derived from this data that truly matter…


Multi - User Capabilities

Pallet Connect's multi-user feature is not merely about access; it’s about empowering each user, optimizing processes, and driving unparalleled efficiency and communication.

Taking your pallet business to the next level

Experience the ultimate solution for your pallet business with Pallet Connect, the leading ERP for pallet companies worldwide. Boasting a comprehensive suite of features, Pallet Connect eliminates the need for complicated hardware installations. Our user-friendly system ensures a smooth setup process.


Tailored for those stepping into the pallet industry, this package provides essential tools that swiftly ignite your operations.


Designed to cater to expanding pallet companies, this package offers advanced features and room for scalability.


Tailored for mid-sized to larger companies with intricate requirements with advanced features and reporting.


Created for larger enterprises with multifaceted operations and a demand for tailored solutions.