Solutions offered by PALLET CONNECT

Pallet Connect is designed to improve the workflow of the production department for pallet businesses. With an array of comprehensive features, it aims to simplify, optimize, and improve productivity.

Pallet Connect
Performance Metrics

Understanding the intricacies of pallet production is crucial. Pallet Connect offers real-time performance analytics, enabling businesses to evaluate their operations and finetune their production strategies.

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Accurate Waste Identification and Lumber Optimization

Lumber, being a primary resource in pallet production, requires optimal utilization. Pallet Connect helps not only track lumber consumption but also highlights waste percentages, allowing business to identify areas of improvement and act on them to maximize its use.

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Unified Planning and Execution

Pallet Connect’s integrated nature means that every aspect of the production, from scheduling to resource allocation, is centralized, and based on actual orders and needs eliminating the need for different systems and ensuring consistency across operations.

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Precision in Cost Tracking

One of the standout features of Pallet Connect is its precise cost tracking capabilities, from lumber to finished pallets. View an exact breakdown of production costs including labour and material costs, allowing for better budgeting, forecasting, and overall financial planning.

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Workflow Management Tools

Ensure that every production stage, from raw material procurement to cut of lumber, build of pallets and special treatments are carried out with optimal efficiency.

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