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Pallet Connect is the easiest, fastest and most cost effective way to boost the profitability and efficiency of any sized pallet business. 

Save thousands of dollars, reclaim countless hours within the first few months using Pallet Connect. Seem too good to be true? Contact us to learn more!

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Pallet Connect runs on on any device with a web browser (iPhone 11 shown)

Built for pallet companies.

We’re a pallet company that wanted to do more with less, and knew there was a better way to manage our business so we could focus on growing the business.

Most specialized ERP and warehouse management systems are complex, expensive and daunting. Popular Silicon Valley management apps aren’t a great fit for what we do in the pallet industry.  

We recruited the best digital team in the business to work with us in-house, embedded with our warehouse, office and customers in order to build Pallet Connect.

Pallet Connect is made to meet the very specific needs of your pallet business, without high priced hardware or overly complex technical requirements. 

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A member of:

Pallet Connect has completely revolutionized our business.

The ability to have all of our relevant numbers and costs in front of us in one place is immeasurable. 

If you’re a pallet company out there and are still using a combination of papers, spreadsheets and QuickBooks to run your business you’re doing it all wrong and should give the team at Pallet Connect a call today!”

Michael Viola

Chief Operating Officer,  APM Shipping

Customers. Suppliers. Drivers. Warehouse. Finance.

One system that works for everyone. 

On any device. 

Anywhere they are.  

Tools for every aspect of your business.


Easily generate orders and invoices for new, recycled and existing pallets. Customers can buy, track and manage orders with their own portal.


Generate reports for sales, inventory, customers and more. Live real time analytics and reporting.


Save hundreds of hours of invoicing, supplier purchases, scheduling and paper delivery slips.


Integrate accounting packages such as QuickBooks, Sage, as well as with most pallet related machinery, repair lines or software.


Monitor employee productivity in real time to mange and track production.


Keep track of what's in your warehouse, all in real-time and without special hardware.


Separate login profiles for managers, warehouse staff, drivers and customers, and build out your own custom user base.


Login and view activity for multiple warehouses all from the one head office login.


Generate your own new stock categories for items like wood chips, cardboard or shrink wrap.


Now you can quickly track and find any trailer in your fleet by location or trailer number.


Clear and synchronized pickup and order delivery scheduling, all updated in real time.

Simplify, organize and connect your business with our 50+ features made for pallet companies. 

For more info on any of the features here, select it from the drop down menu and we’ll get back to you right away! 

For the warehouse.

Increase efficiency and reduce errors 

  • Overhead display screens for warehouse, office and shipping departments;
  • Displays can be set up in less than 10 minutes with Amazon Firestick;
  • Production scheduling and tracking module all managed by any smart device;
  • Keep track of all the builds and repairs in real time;
  • Barcode printing and tagging, customizable for your warehouse;
  • Driver planning and scheduling backed up with GPS tagging and easy trailer tracking;
  • Simple trailer load sorting process;
  • Option to attach and save images and files to most transactions (i.e. paper BOL to the invoice or pictures of pallets to incoming loads)

List and track products easier and faster.  

  • Fully integrated stock management on lumber, new and recycled pallets;
  • Build list for new and combo pallets – always be aware of the real time cost of new pallets;
  • Purchase order function to track incoming lumber by piece for by board foot;
  • Easy tracking and costing of incoming supply of recycled pallets;
  • Add on categories – the ability to build out your own category list when required (i.e. wood chips, cardboard etc.);
  • Broker management – send and reassign orders to you partner network with one simple click.

Sales / Inventory

Pallet Connect has quickly helped our business move into the world of ERP management, and cloud computing, something we didn’t think was possible.


We are now instantly aware of our client’s ebbs and flows as they happen, not months or years after exhaustive analysis, but immediately on a day to day basis.


My excitement and gratitude to the Pallet Connect team are beyond my ability to put into words eloquently.

We are thrilled with the APP, but we are excited about where it will take us next and stay ahead of the competition.

IF you are in the pallet business and not using Pallet Connect, don’t get left behind, you will not be disappointed!

Monika Promny
President, BAM Pallet


What tools do you need to dramatically grow your business?

We can let you know if Pallet Connect can help you achieve those goals.

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